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Meet the Founder


Hola! I am Mari Armijos.  I was born and raised in Quito, Ecuador.


I want to share with you a little about myself. During in life in Ecuador, my mother established a daycare evolving into a preschool and turning into an Elementary school! I saw my mother as my mentor, professional role model, and inspiration to become a teacher for children!


After graduating high school, I decided to come to the United States  to follow my dreams! I  pursued my career in Early Childhood Education. In 2009, I graduated with a B.A. in Children’s Studies from Eastern Washington University.


I have experience teaching and working with children in a variety of levels and settings. My journey as an educator began with a role as a nanny, then as a teacher assistant and later as a Spanish teacher.  Now, I am the Director of Kids' Mundo Spanish Preschool!


Being a mom is the most beautiful and rewarding experience of my life! Raising my two sons alone has personally inspired me to serve as an effective educator and positive mentor for young children.


Meet our Teachers

We have 2 amazing teachers: Maestra Clara from Venezuela Maestra Angie from Mexico

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